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The Story

Lords and brothers Fame, Fortune and Power decide how well all people will fare in life in the namesake realms they control. When they deem a woeful babe abandoned in a barn unworthy of any of their favours, the child grows up the lackey of a cruel farmer and his tormenting spoiled children. When he is old enough Boy, for that is the name used for him, runs away with the only friends he has ever knownthe equally abused and unnamed Sheep, Cow and Horseto seek a better life for them all.

     Years later, a quarrel among the vain Fame, Fortune and Power over whose blessing is the greatest sends them, and their court jester Nobody, on a quest to find an unsullied party to settle their dispute. Boy seems the perfect candidate, but his unconventional views on what is valuable in life incite the lords and bring him to the brink of doom. Will he live? What happens to the lords? And is Boy right or does one of the lords' blessings outshine the others? The future of mankind depends on the answer.

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Timeless wisdom ... unforgettable”
—Midwest Book Review
“With an important message wrapped in a great story for today’s children, The Greatest Blessings is just that … a blessing.”

— Jon Provost, co-star of TV's Lassie

and animal-rights activist
“As a school librarian, I am constantly on the lookout for children's chapter books that tell an edge-of-your-seat story, bring to life unforgettable characters, crackle with sparkling dialogue, and shape sound moral values. Rarely am I successful in this endeavor, but with The Greatest Blessings I've hit the jackpot!”

Cindy Young, librarian

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The Greatest Blessings is Fantastic!
A morality tale in the timeless form of a classic fairy tale, children will delight in the story and learn all-important life lessons as they do. If you're a parent, this should be next on your child's reading list.”

— The Reading Frenzy Book Review

“Written in the style of classic fairy tales, timeless wisdom, eye-for-an-eye justice (carried out by slavering wolves) and an abundance of vivid color illustrations distinguish this unforgettable allegorical picture book.”

— Midwest Book Review

Two of 22 richly colored illustrations in
The Greatest Blessings

“A timeless and riveting children's chapter book with gorgeous color illustrations, The Greatest Blessings could easily be Disney’s next animated blockbuster. I give it a 0010.”

— Steven Jay Rubin, film producer and

author of James Bond Films
Blurb to come

—Suzanne Morris, editor, Kid Lit Reviews

Discover the classically written children's book that has kids everywhere asking ... 

Fame, Fortune or Power: Which would you choose if you could have only one?

The Greatest Blessings

Chapter One

THERE ONCE THRIVED in a magnificent palace in a fabulous paradise three glorious lords upon whom the success of all people rested. The names of the lords, who were also brothers, were Fame, Fortune and Power, and they alone dispensed those earthly desires named after them that mankind coveted above all others. They did so on the first birthday of a babe, when the child who is the parent of the adult begins to take shape. At that time, they would gaze into their large crystal ball and dole out a measure of the human longings they commanded to the tot, according to how much he or she pleased them. If, for instance, the babe tickled one of the brothers pink, the lord would chant a magical incantation that bestowed a future of great fame, fortune or power upon the tot. If two brothers were thus smitten, greatness in two of those three realms lay ahead. Rare but not unheard of was the babe who won the hearts of all three brothers, for that little one would enjoy a life of towering glory, wealth and dominance that none but a select few among mankind ever know.

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The Greatest Blessings by Mark Isaacs

The Greatest Blessings

by Mark Isaacs