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Timeless wisdom ... unforgettable”
—Midwest Book Review

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Discover the classically written children's book that has kids everywhere asking ... 

Fame, Fortune or Power: Which would you choose if you could have only one?

When he was a boy, Mark Isaacs and his friends got into many a spirited discussion over which was the best if you could only have one:  fame, fortune or power? The years passed and he forgot about the endless arguments until one day when he assigned the students in his high school English classes a short story to write. Thinking it only fair that he pen one himself, he rattled about for a premise until the thought-provoking childhood question popped into his mind and a story began to emergeone with a definitive answer no one had ever reached. Taking shape over the weekend, he read the first draft of The Greatest Blessings to his students the following Monday and was knocked back on his heels when they responded with enthusiastic applause. When several students who asked to share the story with their younger siblings reported the same response from them, Mark started to feel that he might have written something special for audiences of all ages. Encouraged, he submitted the story to publishers. Soon one New York imprint offered a contract, but Mark opted for a small publishing imprint, Lampglow Books, whose personal touch he felt to be more in tune with the humanistic nature of the story. Working with acclaimed artist Jim Balkovek and proving the adage that stories aren't written but rewritten, three months later he had a finished work ready for the acid test: readings to a class of elementary-school students by his mother Grandma Faye, a BookPALS volunteer. Watching the looks of wide-eyed delight and wonderment on the children's faces, he knew his work was ready and gave the go-ahead for publication. The result is a lavish, full-size, 48-page laminated-hardcover book featuring 22 richly colored illustrations, available in that format or as a Kindle edition at Amazon. Now it's up to you to complete the final and most important step in The Greatest Blessings odysseythe gift of this new children's classic from you to those you love most ... or yourself!

Which would you choose?

Genesis and Odyssey of The Greatest Blessings
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The Greatest Blessings by Mark Isaacs

The Greatest Blessings

by Mark Isaacs