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Timeless wisdom ... unforgettable”
—Midwest Book Review

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Discover the classically written children's book that has kids everywhere asking ... 

Fame, Fortune or Power: Which would you choose if you could have only one?

   What if you learned your most cherished dream could never come true? If you're like Evangelina Flores, you'd be crushed. Scraping by in one of New York City’s worst hoods in the days after World War II, the dream "Lina" yearns for is to become a ballerina. But how can she when she suffers from the worst fate that could befall someone with such a hope—a clubfoot? Her twisted foot makes it hard for her even to walk, nevertheless dance on her tiptoes, and constant stumbles lead the kids in the hood to cruelly call her Stumblelina. The name makes Lina cry, but her mother tells her there is a good reason for everything and that one day she'll be glad she has a clubfoot. Lina wonders how that could ever be, and it takes an accident years later for her to find out. How could an accident ever make Lina happy about her clubfoot? You’ll have to read her story for the answer!

     It's no fun being an ordinary kid. Just ask Joe. Like everybody else he wants to be special, but much to his dismay he doesn't shine in any way, shape or form. Everything he does is plain old average, from placing in the 50th percentile on every school aptitude test he takes to batting .250 on his school baseball team. Then one day his homeroom teacher presses him to enter an all-American student contest. Joe doesn't think he stands a chance in the world against BMOC Rex Merritt: academic whiz, winner of letters galore and future acting superstarif he doesn’t become a famous brain surgeon or top-ranked tennis pro instead! But thanks to his teacher, Joe's entered in the contest whether he likes it or not. Is there any way he can win? Or is he well on his way to yet another disappointment? Find out in this C-rious story that is anything but average!

     Flying seems so easy in your dreams. You just push off your feet and zoom away. But what if you woke up one morning and flying was as easy in real life as it was in your dreams? What would you do? Slam dunk balls in the NBA, jump the Grand Canyon, perform aerial stunts alongside the Blue Angels, take off from Cape Canaveral? Where would you go? To the top of the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, Mt. Everest, the Great Pyramid of Egypt? And what if the price for the gift of flight was the loss of the ability to walk? Would you pay it gladly or would you give up the opportunity to soar with the eagles and walk away? Find out what happens to one flighty boy who impetuously pooh-poohs the wonderful gift of walking in this exhilarating story that promises to leave you with your feet firmly planted on the ground, but your head in the clouds!

Average Joe


The Gift of Walking

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The Greatest Blessings by Mark Isaacs

The Greatest Blessings

by Mark Isaacs